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As you will be aware, the Coronavirus epidemic is getting increasingly serious. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global health emergency on 31st January 2020. The shortage of medical protective equipment, such as medical N95 masks, protection suits and safety goggles has led to an urgent call for help from frontline medical personnel in China.

The seriousness of the situation led to one of Stamford’s Chinese IHM students, Mr. Xiaocheng Wang, to initiate contact with hospitals in Kunming China. In response, Yunnan University Secondary Hospital provided a ‘Certificate of Relief Materials’ as well as the details of what is needed; for example, the N95 masks need to be the specific medical variety. Other necessary paperwork such as a custom tax certificate also has been approved.

With this information and legal documentation, Stamford then contacted a medical protection equipment producer in Thailand. The first batch of 118 protective suits has already been received by staff at the hospital in China. The second batch of 150 protective suits already received by Kunming Infectious Disease Hospital.

As Wuhan and Hubei have been blocked, it has proven difficult for us and other groups such as NGOs to send medical supplies there. These regions are already the priority for Chinese medical factories. However, there are more local hospitals in other regions calling for urgent medical material supplies and this is where we can make a difference as we already have a supply delivery route.  We are helping these hospitals in sourcing the medical equipment and we will send it to the respective hospitals using the same method as has been done previously. We know this works and is more reliable and direct than sending these supplies through a third party.

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We are collecting the third batch of N95 8160 medical masks 

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                                                                    WHO Basic protective measures against the new coronavirus




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